Marko Rupnik violates the provisions of ecclesiastical authority. The powerful Jesuit is covered by Angelo De Donatis.

🇮🇹 De Donatis copre il suo mentore Marko Rupnik. Il gesuita continua a violare i provvedimenti

While the Society of Jesus is pursuing further proceedings against Marko Ivan Rupnik, the powerful Jesuit continues to enjoy the protection of his spiritual son Angelo De Donatis.

On Sunday, 05 March 2023, inside the Basilica of Santa Prassede in Rome, Marko Ivan Rupnik concelebrated Holy Mass for the Centro Aletti. For some time now, the Aletti Centre has been able to celebrate the Eucharist in this Church at 9 a.m.. The Vicariate of Rome requested the availability of the Rectory of Santa Prassede all'Esquilino for the Sunday celebration for the 'friends of the Centro Aletti'.

As stated in the latest communiqué of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit priest Rupnik "may not engage in any public artistic activity, especially in relation to religious structures (such as churches, institutions, oratories and chapels, exercise or spirituality houses). Therefore, these restrictions are in addition to those already in force (ban on any public ministerial and sacramental activity, ban on public communication, ban on leaving the Regione Lazio (Italy))".

These provisions also prohibit Marko Rupnik from participating, even concelebrating, in Holy Mass in public places open to the public. Why did the presbyter, this morning, do so?

'All a conspiracy': Rupnik's victimhood

Silere non possum considers it necessary to point out that there has been a conviction against Marko Ivan Rupnik for having acquitted his accomplice in de sexto, but there has not yet been any conviction with regard to the allegations of sexual abuse against consecrated women. In spite of this, however, just as in the criminal proceedings of States, in canon law there are measures of Ecclesiastical Authority that are of the 'precautionary' type. They intervene, therefore, even before a sentence is passed, precisely to protect the alleged victims.

The Father Delegate of the Society of Jesus wrote: "Many of these people have no knowledge of each other and the facts narrated relate to different periods (Loyola Community, individual people who claim to have been abused in conscience, spiritually, psychologically or sexually molested during personal experiences of relationship with Father Rupnik, people who were part of the Aletti Centre). Therefore the degree of credibility of what has been reported or witnessed seems to be very high".

Despite all this, Cardinal Angelo De Donatis continues to protect and cover up for Marko Ivan Rupnik. Indeed, there are several close collaborators of the Vicar who report that the 'story' being peddled is that it is a plot against the poor and defenceless Slovenian Jesuit. Several people have confirmed that the Vicar had no qualms about Father Rupnik's participation in these public celebrations. Angelo De Donatis was informed, just as he was informed by the Jesuits.

A member of the Society of Jesus said: "We sent two letters to the Vicariate, even before the scandal was raised by you. Two letters, here they are. We never received a reply to these two letters". In these missives we learn that the measures taken by the Society of Jesus were communicated to the Vicar of His Holiness for the diocese of Rome. Angelo De Donatis, however, not only did not take any measures but left Rupnik as Rector of San Filippo Neri at the Esquiline. It was only on 24 January 2023, following our article, that the Cardinal Vicar appointed Fr Jaromir Zadrapa as the new Rector, relieving Rupnik of this position.

The priest, however, belongs to the Priestly Fraternity of Saints Cyril and Methodius, initiated by Marko Rupnik and approved by De Donatis after the Jesuit was condemned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for having absolved the accomplice in de sexto.

Commissioning the Aletti Centre

One of the measures to be initiated immediately, unless one wants to lose what little credibility is left, is to send a Commissioner to the Aletti Centre. There are many factors that suggest that Rupnik has created his 'power fort' there. One of these is the letter that director Maria Capatelli sent 'to friends', i.e. those who attended the Holy Mass in Santa Prassede. The woman writes: "This is why we mention that, after many years of working side by side, the Atelier is now led by a management team, capable of assuming responsibility for a workshop from a theological-liturgical, artistic-creative, and a technical-administrative point of view. This will enable us to fulfil all the commitments made so far and to take on new ones."

The reference is blatant and came loud and clear at Borgo Santo Spirito. Verschueren wrote: "In view of these internal proceedings, and as a precautionary measure, he has tightened the restrictive rules against him by obediently forbidding any public artistic exercise". Campatelli, therefore, makes no direct reference to the affair and is keen to say that the truth will emerge but sends a clear message: we will continue the work.

Rupnik, therefore, not only continues to live in the Centre where he was accused of abusing women, but will also continue to enjoy the fruits of the artistic activity of the Centre that he, in fact, is continuing to direct. "Many of these people - the communiqué reads - have no knowledge of each other and the facts narrated relate to different periods (Loyola Community, individual people who claim to have been abused in conscience, spiritually, psychologically or sexually molested during personal experiences of relations with Father Rupnik, people who were part of the Aletti Centre).

Among the measures taken, there is no ban on living inside the Aletti Centre. On the contrary, the invitation is to lock oneself in there and not to go out. Abuse, however, is also alleged to have taken place there. Many people close to the Aletti Centre report that there is a complete disdain for both the Society of Jesus and all those who have spoken out about the affair calling for action. The line is that of the Vicariate, which wrote in the communiqué: "It is the duty of the Church to apply the criteria of truth, which are those of God, with which He looks at us and judges us. It has two inalienable mandates that are at the same time also duties: to be close to those who suffer and to implement the criteria of truth and justice derived from the Gospel". Campetelli writes: "Truth is not violent, it is not aggressive, so we wait, patient and trusting, for it to reveal itself. Aware that there is a time for everything". 

Disregard for Authority

Also on 02 March 2023, while all the presbyters of the diocese of Rome were inside the Aula Magna of the Pontifical Lateran University [we talked about it here], Marko Rupnik went inside the Pontifical Roman Major Seminary with a group of presbyter friends to show them the Chapel he frescoed. The Rector of the Seminary, Fr Gabriele Faraghini, cannot prevent him from entering the Seminary, as Vicar De Donatis continues to say there is no problem.

The question, however, arises: is it appropriate for a person, contemptuous of authority, to enter a facility where future presbyters are trained?

There are many occasions when Rupnik enters the seminary and goes to different places heedless of the measures and very serious accusations against him. With several close collaborators, in fact, the Slovenian Jesuit speaks of a 'conspiracy' and plays the role of the victim. Silere non possum is waiting for the authorities to pronounce on the individual accusations, but what we would like to point out is that there are people who trample the law underfoot and, on the strength of their economic power, continue their lives undisturbed.

A Jesuit in Borgo Santo Spirito reveals: "We had the intention of reducing him to the lay state immediately, as soon as the first complaints against this man arrived. Someone, however, chose to protect him by also lifting the excommunication. We find ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation, all the blame falls on us and even the Superior General contradicted himself several times. The aim, however, was to protect those in Santa Marta who chose to protect Rupnik from the very first moment. It is useless to tell lies in interviews".

Just as happened with Fr Mauro Inzoli, therefore, Francis chooses to treat friends and faithful with double standards. Today, for Rupnik, nothing has changed, but if the accusations had been made against someone who is not part of the 'magic circle', things would have been different.


Silere non possum