La Basilica di San Pietro divide gli accessi: turisti e fedeli. I turisti pagheranno.

The rumour had been in the air since May 2022, when Cardinal Mauro Gambetti wanted to introduce a ticket fee for entry into St. Peter's Basilica. In the past few hours, during a press conference, the Franciscan Cardinal announced: "There are at least 47 thousand entries to the Basilica every day. We will have the last technical meeting to define the new provisions that will favour the splitting of routes in the Basilica. By the end of the year the experimentation will begin". 

A tendency to inflate numbers

As we had already reported for the event of the projection of the Life of St Peter on the façade of St Peter's Basilica, the cardinal's friend, Father Enzo Fortunato, had also inflated the numbers of participants. In a video posted on his Facebook page, the Franciscan friar had said that attendance had reached 80 thousand people. Obviously the figure is not real and these claims are false. The intention is to make those who were not present believe that the event was a success. Especially for the Holy Father who did not attend the event. In fact, at Santa Marta and in the Secretariat of State, Mauro Gambetti's work is under the magnifying glass. The Pontiff has been informed of what is happening in the most important Basilica in the world. Gambetti's mismanagement in recent months has angered several people. Silere non possum reported here.

During the press conference held in the Vatican, Mauro Gambetti reported that 47 thousand people visit St. Peter's Basilica every day. This figure is also false and it would not be possible to cope with this amount of visitors every day with the few resources we have at the controls.

Breaches of law

Mauro Gambetti's team is on the alert and is threatening employees because they do not want any news to come out of the Fabric of St. Peter. The leaks of the past months have cost dearly, the Pope was very angry. But there are many violations of law. Mauro Gambetti hired his friends and entrusted the work to people he knew from his time in Assisi. The Franciscan friar turned out to be one of Pope Francis' biggest flops. Even the Fabbrica di San Pietro had denied the five days of mourning, guaranteed by law, to an employee whose family member had died. Only after we mentioned it in an article did the management give the 5 days in order to avoid an administrative appeal. While Pope Francis speaks of rights, peace, brotherhood; in his state the most serious violations of the law are being committed against employees.

Vatican Basilica: entrance fee

The decision has been announced. Soon, the Pope's basilica will be entered through two separate entrances: one entrance for prayer, another for tourists. There is news that is implied and that the Vatican media have failed to make public: entry for tourists will soon only be granted to those who pay a ticket. Yes, in the heart of Christendom, in the most important basilica in the world, it will only be possible to enter against payment. Perhaps Pope Francis' rhetoric of poverty has been a boomerang? Did we realise that without money it is difficult to survive? Was it not better to reduce the salaries of those who earn 7-8 thousand euros a month? Obviously, Mauro Gambetti stressed that the route for the faithful will be obligatory, duly limited. In essence, what will be done? Will it be possible to enter the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament and not the tombs of the popes? If one wants to pray at the tomb of a saint? The Franciscan cardinal harshly criticised the previous management of Cardinal Comastri, but he seems to be doing much, much worse. With Cardinal Gambetti's new management, the spiritual aspect of the Vatican Basilica disappeared. The celebration of masses was often forbidden to priests who wanted to pray with their faithful. Now the Basilica becomes a museum in its own right. 


Silere non possum