🇮🇹 Circa le notizie circolate in merito al futuro di S.E.R. Mons. Georg Gänswein

With regard to the news that has appeared in recent hours in some newspapers, which reproduce the statements of the German newspaper Welt, the following must be stated.

Some write: “Archbishop Georg Gänswein has asked the Pontiff to be assigned to some position”. This request did not come about because the prelate aspires to ‘important charges’ but because it is humanly and ministerially unacceptable for a man to be retired at the age of 66.

It is true that all the secretaries of previous Popes have had a future away from the S.C.V., but they have not ceased their ministerial activity. It is worth mentioning that this choice is certainly not an innovation, the reigning Pontiff also adopted it for H.E.R. Monsignor Josef Clemens, who was laid to rest on 1 September 2016 at the age of 69.

Besides, the two prelates have an indelible stain on their ‘career’: having served Benedict XVI closely. Needless to mention where Alfred Xuereb is at the moment. Let us only hope that Pope Francis does not make a deal with Kim Jong-un to bring him to the North.

Once again, therefore, the essence of ‘Bergoglio’s method’ is manifested: psychologically annihilating those he considers enemies.

H.E.R. Msgr. Georg Gänswein is not required to stay in a particular place. Therefore, he is not “sent to Freiburg”. This must be specified, as such measures are taken within the framework of canonical proceedings (Cann. 1337 and 1722 CJC), and this is definitely not the case with Mgr. Gänswein.

The Supreme Pontiff, as the sovereign of the S.C.V., also in accordance with Law CXXXI on Citizenship, Residence and Access, may ask H.E.R. Msgr. Georg Gänswein not to reside in the Vatican City State, but he may choose to reside wherever he sees fit, unless he is destined to an assignment that requires him to reside in a certain place (Can. 395 – §1 CJC).

While Article 17 § 4 of the Apostolic Constitution Praedicate Evangelium emphasises the importance of pastoral experiences for those who end their service to the Roman Curia, Pope Francis once again shows that he betrays the texts he himself signs and lays to rest those who do not belong to his idea of the Church.

It is also worth mentioning that the Prefect of the Papal Household had spent time and money to fix up the flat assigned to him by Pope Francis himself, in the Santa Marta complex (old). Even Benedict XVI, before the COVID-19 pandemic, had visited the flat.

This too highlights Bergoglio’s complete lack of humanity. Misericordes sicut pater, but when it matters to me.

The editorial staff of Silere non possum