Silere non possum reports the results of Fr. Mauro Gambetti's management of the Vatican Basilica.

🇮🇹 Basilica Vaticana: il risultato della gestione di fra Mauro Gambetti

Since a few months, Silere non possum has been making public the results of the management carried out by the Franciscan Fr. Mauro Gambetti in St Peter’s BasilicaIf Saint Francis loved to surround himself with the poor, the same cannot be said of the Cardinal Archpriest of the Vatican Basilica. Events, expensive lunches, trips and salons with powerful people. The Fabric of St. Peter’s has become a small fortress into which only important people enter. The Cardinal has moved his office to the third floor and has clearly forbidden access to pilgrims and employees.

If in the days when Cardinal Angelo Comastri was archpriest, some believers could aspire to be blessed by the cardinal, today this possibility is absolutely unthinkable. Yet Pope Francis had called Mauro Gambetti to make St Peter’s Basilica a place of prayer, a place where people could have an encounter with Christ. None of this brought the Franciscan friar. 

What is happening in the Vatican Basilica?

The basilica is not being cleaned

Complaints are numerous within the Vatican Basilica. The Reverend Mgr. Leonardo Sapienza has, on several occasions, pointed out that this management is simply not possible and the people are not up to the tasks they have been entrusted with. The Regent of the Papal Household, however, is not the only one. There are also numerous complaints about the projects that Mauro Gambetti is trying to implement in order to accumulate money. Tickets, alternative routes and initiatives of all kinds. As we have explained, the project for the coming months is to make the entrance to the Basilica subject to payment.

Obviously prayer is not a prerogative for this cardinal. Instead, it is about getting the most for the least. The most important basilica in the world, therefore, becomes a dirty and unlivable place. From the photos that Silere non possum offers you today, you can clearly see how cleanliness is not carried out. On Bernini's canopy inches of dust have accumulated, on the confessionals and statues one can clearly see all the dust that has been there for months. Yet, St Francis of Assisi had not taught this to his friars. Thomas of Celano recounts: "One day Francis wished to send his friars into the world with precious pyxes, so that they might put the price of redemption in the most worthy place possible, wherever they saw it kept with little decorum". 

St Francis had it at heart that the House of the Lord was devoutly cared for. Can the Pope's Basilica look like this?

Does the Pope know what happens with the money in St Peter's Basilica?

While the Basilica is left in total disrepair, the executives chosen by Mauro Gambetti go to restaurants and lounges at the expense of the Fabric of St. Peter.  In the past few days, Stefano Attili, a friend of the Cardinal, hired at the tenth level, invited some Microsoft Corporation employees for refreshments on the terrace of St. Peter's Basilica and, the next day, took them all to lunch.The presence of Father Francesco Ochetta was essential. The Jesuit priest is always very active in this field. A little less present when it comes to being a priest. All lunches and moments that are paid for handsomely. Is all this compatible with the mission this entity has? Did the Pope not want poverty? Once again Pope Francis proves that his people are immune from scrutiny.

Despite the fact that the Pope does not want to make any decisions, in the Secretariat of State the level of tolerance has exceeded the limit. In the past few hours, the Reverend Mgr. Bruno Bastos Lins, deputy head of protocol, summoned Stefano Attili and pointed out to him that, as far as official visits to the Basilica are concerned, the Secretariat of State is responsible and certainly not his. The monsignor also invited him to get out of the way when these visits take place. The managers employed by Mauro Gambetti, Stefano Attili and Ettore Valzania had even told employees in recent weeks that "the gendarmerie must understand how things stand". They clearly referred to the fact that "we are in charge here". Yet in spite of these 15-year-old bully ways, the people in this state who have gone in with this crest have always come out burnt. The time will not be long in coming.

To give an idea of the level of competence of these people, we cannot fail to mention an episode involving Mrs Paola Bossari, who was also hired at the tenth level and was in charge of administration. We have already spoken of this woman, a childhood friend of Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, who also managed finances in the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi. Some Franciscan religious in the Umbrian little town reported: "A total disaster'. The woman asked her husband, Roberto Bertozzi, if it was possible to conclude a contract with some telephone operator to get faster internet connection inside the Fabric of Saint Peter. A contract concluded independently, as if it were their own home. 

Is this clear? In a foreign State, she wanted to enter into a contract without dealing with the fact that there are probably legal obligations and regulations that differ from the Italian Republic. This is the level of the people who have been put in charge of the Fabric of St. Peter. Also with regard to this married couple, friends of Cardinal Gambetti, there is a blatant conflict of interest and a violation of the law that clearly prohibits two spouses from working in the same office. What is the Pope, from Santa Marta, waiting for to intervene?

"Too many Italians in the Vatican" a wise priest said a few years ago. How can we blame him. It must be added that we have chosen the worst people for ourselves. Yet this City-State never ceases to attract those who want to get rich without doing anything, who knows why?


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